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Optimising happiness using a proven unique formula

You can make big, long-term changes to your health and fitness in just 60 seconds a day!




Ginger Guru is a wellbeing programme, designed by holistic lifestyle consultant and nutritionist, Roland White, and it gives you all the support and knowledge you need to turn the battle with your health into an easy win – in just one minute a day.


Imagine having your own real-life personal health mentor, in-depth consultations and daily help and advice delivered exactly when you need it and which is tailored to your unique needs. This is what the Ginger Guru programme delivers so you no longer have to struggle on alone or between health care appointments.


You will be able to break down living healthily into easy-to-achieve, bite-sized pieces so you can think about one small thing at a time in the moment and not have to feel overwhelmed by information or what lies ahead. You just get on with your life and the small daily steps that take just a minute to absorb all build effortlessly into a healthier, happier you.


Your progress is tracked and available to you at any time and you can share your charts with your health professional (to show off how well you’re doing!).


The Ginger Guru programme is for everyone who needs help with keeping up healthy behaviour long-term, but it’s also highly effective if you’ve suffered from depression, anxiety or any other problems that make it difficult to stay in control of your health. The programme means managing a healthy lifestyle is stress-free and as easy as pie, leaving you feeling fit and well, mentally and physically.


Ginger Guru is used by the NHS, BUPA, GPs across the UK and it’s endorsed by elite sportsmen, women and coaches.


About Roland White


Roland has an impressive professional background in sport, nutrition and lifestyle coaching and has worked with celebrities, sportspeople and other high-profile health professionals. He regularly appears in the media, works alongside the NHS and is the first port of call that companies, such as Bloomberg, Inferno and Endemol turn to when it comes to their employee health care. He has written regularly for The Times and Sport magazine and in 2010 released his first book, ‘How to Survive in the Urban Jungle – 10 Steps to Wellbeing.'


Despite all his accolades, Roland is most widely known for his rare warmth and genuine desire to help others. He is passionate and dedicated to achieving behavioural change in his clients. His realistic approach to the challenges of today’s health makes him stand out as a refreshing authority in holistic health care.
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