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Endemol UK is one of the largest TV production companies in the UK and has been a market leader for many years producing such iconic TV as the Big Brother series. The nature of the business, mixing creativity with tight deadlines means that stress runs high through most departments and personal wellbeing is often the last thing on people’s minds. Recognising this, Endemol’s HR department decided to call upon HEALTHtext to begin sending a monthly newsletter to all 1000 staff with top health advice as well as giving them an option to partake in HEALTHtext’s health and wellbeing services.

Uptake was good right from the first newsletter. Employees responded well to the interesting information and many booked personal one-to-one appointments with Roland White, the holistic lifestyle and nutrition coach. Their lifestyle, exercise, nutritional and sleep (LENS) habits were assessed through questionnaires and suggested changes and goals were set. Calling on the vast experience and knowledge of the practitioner, the next actions were agreed with the employee providing realistic and insightful advice.

Roland says, “The results at Endemol have been fantastic and many employees seek a regular monthly chat to stay on top of their new changes in behaviour.”

Lianne Pegrum HR Manager at Endemol says, “The consultations are useful as they give our employees a chance to stop and think about their lifestyle and the ways in which they can improve their health and nutrition on a daily basis. Healthy staff leads to a healthy business”.

Some quotes from Endemol employees:
“Thanks so much for your help – really appreciate it. I’ll follow your plan and I will tell people about your good work.”
“Thanks for all your pointers so far you’ve been really helpful.”
“Thanks for your advice. You’ll be pleased to hear, I’ve been very good since we met up. I’ve been running lots.”

Our relationship with Endemol has been going for over a year and both parties hope it can continue into the foreseeable future. For further references please ask.

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