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Our objectives were:

For the employer:

i) To improve the health and wellbeing of Gü employees thereby increasing productivity and reducing sickness absence.
ii) To demonstrate to Gü employees that they are valued by their employer and that their health and wellbeing is considered important.


For employers and employees:

i) To provide opportunities for individuals within Gü as an organisation to explore their health ideas, concerns and needs.
ii) To offer opportunities to discuss these issues in groups and on a one to one basis with confidentiality assured.
iii) To offer sources of reliable information in order that individuals can make informed health and lifestyle choices, which in turn will hopefully have a positive impact on their health and vitality.

Key findings from the questionnaires, consultations and workshop:


The majority of Gü employees consulted were found to be young, fit and healthy. However each employee had issues they wanted to discuss both with a doctor and a holistic health practitioner For those who were unsure what they would gain, there were some surprising lessons learnt. From discussing health concerns running in families to previous and current personal health issues, this was an ideal opportunity to shape future health. Topics such as diet, exercise, sleep, contraception, smoking, migraines, hay fever, breast / testicular awareness and much more were all discussed.

From the questionnaires 30% of Gü employees felt that they were under excess stress. As a result we ran a 30 minute workshop on recognising and preventing stress and various relaxation techniques that can be employed to reduce stress. This was well received and provided an opportunity to discuss personal experiences. A suggestion that arose from the workshop was that employees would feel less stressed and therefore make better decisions by taking occasional short breaks. These breaks should be encouraged and will allow the brain to process information and work more efficiently.

Feedback from employees

The feedback received to date has been very positive and we have detailed it below to show how much Gü employees valued the day.

Specific quotes:

“It was nice to just discuss a few things and have the kind of chat you can’t have with your normal GP”

“I was really impressed, they put me at ease and came over as knowledgeable, receptive, caring and modern”

“The process flowed seamlessly and what could be a difficult scenario (some people might find it tricky to discuss weaknesses) ended up feeling like an exciting set of opportunities.”

“Very pleased, very grateful and very pleased again.”

“A good refresher and great advice.”

“Informative, friendly and refreshing.”

Questionnaire feedback:

A questionnaire was given to each employee at the end of the day and the answers provided are as follows:

  1. Overall, did you feel the assessments and workshops were useful?

Yes 100% No 0% No answer 0%

  1. Did you feel comfortable talking about your health issues?

Yes 100% No 0% No answer 0%

  1. Did the session deal directly with your health issues?

Yes 100% No 0% No answer 0%

  1. Would you feel comfortable talking about most health issues with your colleagues?

Yes 50% No 50% No answer 0%

  1. Did you learn something about your health today? If so what specifically?

Yes 88% No 0% No answer 13%

  1. Would you like a follow up appointment?

Yes 75% No 13% No answer 13%

  1. If yes, how long do you think it should be before we meet again?

6 answers ranged from 4-12 weeks


Overall we had a great day at Gü and are continuing to get positive feedback from your staff. From the feedback received we feel we have had a positive impact on Gü employees and have hopefully started to plant ideas which will create a better performing work force that is more motivated, feels more valued and has a healthier outlook.

Please enquire for full report.

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