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ROLAND WHITE: Nutrition and Lifestyle Consultant 

Roland has an impressive background in sport, nutrition, lifestyle coaching, NLP and yoga. His clients are celebrities, sports people and other high-profile health professionals and he regularly appears in the media. He works alongside the NHS and is the first port of call for companies (Bloomberg, Inferno and Endemol) when it comes to their employee health care. Roland writes for The Times and Sport magazine and is best-selling author of How To Survive In The Urban Jungle: 10 Steps To Wellbeing.

Despite all his accolades, Roland is most widely known for his rare warmth and genuine desire to help others. He is passionate about and dedicated to achieving behavioural change in his clients. His realistic approach to the challenges of keeping healthy makes him stand out as a refreshing authority in holistic health.

Roland is your main man when it comes to Ginger Guru and he will be there for you, giving you the support and advice you require. Ginger Guru is dedicated to making sure all of your health needs are met, so if you need extra specialist help, he has a fantastic team of health care experts by his side. 

Meet the Ginger Guru team below...

ROBERTA STIMSON: Nutritional Therapist

Roberta is inspired by the healing power of nature. She views physical and emotional symptoms as warning signs that the beginnings of a deeper underlying problem is manifesting. Roberta was visiting practitioner to Diana Princess of Wales, she attended The College of Classical Homeopathy, studying dietary therapy, holistic health, kinesiology, accupuncture, reiki and reflexology and she has worked at many practices around London, including the Hale Clinic. She now practises her unique holistic system with clients on an individual basis from her houseboat. She has a clinic on Harley Street by special appointment only.

Roberta's health expertise is self-evident, but the thing that makes her most effective at healing is her heartfelt desire to teach others how to trust and have faith in their own infinite wisdom.

SUSIE PEARL: Happiness Coach and Hypnotherapist

Susie is a happiness and well-being activist, described by Paul McKenna as 'the most positive person I know'. With training at advanced level at NLP and with more than 15 years experience studying mind, science and applications, Susie is an expert in hypnosis and trance. She cares passionately about taking our mind and attention to a better place so we can experience better lives. Working with clients on a one-to-one basis for more than a decade, Susie has mentored famous names including Madonna, Victoria Beckham and Michael Jackson.

Susie has come up with her own approach to fast empowerment and transformation called the CREATE system. Her book Instructions For Happiness And Success is a revolutionary system for living a great life.

 ARJUNA ASHIYA: Meditation Teacher

Arjuna hails from New Zealand and he left his career on the ski slopes and turned to training people to meditate with the Ishayas an international group who have dedicated their lives to the expansion of consciousness. A 'modern-day monk', Arjuna is very down to earth and fun to have around.

GEMMA LANDAU: Nutritional Therapist

Gemma Landau BSC (Hons) Nt, is founder of The Food Doctor, a nutritional consultancy company providing advice to those who wish to improve their diet and lifestyle. She understands the challenges of dietary changes and tailors her advice to suit individual needs. Her personalised approach and the way she blends the application of nutrition and science, means improvements in health are more achievable. Gemma is excellent at motivating clients onto the path of wellbeing. She offers a range of services, including individual and corporate consultations, seminars, cookery classes, weight loss programmes and food intake analysis using diet plan software.

RUTH WHITE: Yoga Teacher

Ruth trained in Pune, India, with Ramamani Iyengar, one of the foremost yoga teachers in the world. She has her own yoga teacher training school and has a natural gift for healing others through yoga. She lives and breathes the practice. 

DR MARK TYRRELL, MBChB, MRCGP: GP Doctor for screening

Mark is a young, enthusiastic doctor with a passion for the importance of a healthy lifestyle for general wellbeing and disease prevention. He's also the father of two young children, so appreciates the challenge of balancing lifestyle choices with the time pressures of work and family life.

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